William Alex Pointer


William "Alex" Pointer
11534 Richmond Ln
Huntley, IL 60142
(630) 877-4420

Education Westwood College
Bachelor of Applied Science in Game Art & Design

American InterContinental University
Masters of Education in Adult Teaching and Training

Computer/Software Expertise
• 3D Studio Max
• Maya 2018
• Mudbox 2018
• ZBrush
• Photoshop CS5
• Adobe After Effects
• Quixel 2.0
• Crazybump
• Marmoset 3.0
• Xnormal


Character Artist
Play Mechanix
June 2012 – Present (4 years 8 months)

Game Credits

Halo: Fireteam Raven
The Walking Dead
Kung Fu Panda
Alien Armageddon
Big Buck HD

Independent Contractor

3DTotal (November 2010-December 2010)
• requested a “Making Of” be created for my award winning scene that was selected for their Galleries.
• Developed a tutorial for the scene to guide other artists when creating a high-resolution image.

Kays Engineering (March 2012-present)
• Assembling a series of custom decal designs for a Porsche 911Turbo race car.

Student Advisor
Career Education Corporation, Colorado Technical University Online
Schaumburg, IL (June 2009 –present)
• Design detailed training events to assist students who have little to no post-secondary experience with transitioning into a distance education environment.
• Coach Students with academic performance issues.
• Act as a student advocate for the University.
• Serve as a counselor to guide students through their educational experience.

Adjunct Instructor
Westwood College
Woodridge, IL (October 2008- March 2009)

Introduction to Photoshop
• Instructed students towards understanding the necessary tools to effectively utilize 2D software programs for game development.
• Demonstrated the proper techniques to utilize in order to create high end textures for next-gen games.
• Coached students through creating their own textures, concepts, and scenes using Photoshop.

Game Art History
• Lectured on the history of game development from Tennis for Two through Call of Duty.
• Helped students better understand the past, present, and future of the gaming industry.

Other Duties
• Developed extensive training materials pertaining to specific software programs including 3D Studio Max, Photoshop CS3, and ZBrush 3.1.
• Served as a student mentor and tutored students on several subjects within the field of game design.

Achievements & Awards

• Excellence in Teaching Award: Presented to a faculty member that receives exemplary reviews from his/her students.

• Westwood College Leadership Award: Presented yearly to the most dedicated student, for hard work and commitment to his/her program, the college, and the student community.

• 3D Total Excellence Award: Awarded to 3D artists who showcase mastery of 3D Design Processes.

• Dope Award: Recognizes 3D artists for creating high quality 3D images.

• 3D Character Art Category of the 2008 NoGD 2D/3D Character Art Competition: Given to the 3D artist that presents the most creative and unique 3D character within the requirements given.


Character Artist

Play Mechanix, Glen Ellyn, IL

In this position I am responsible for high poly modeling, low poly modeling, texturing, rigging, and weighting characters.

To date, I have created roughly 40 completed characters. In addition to the responsibilities listed above I also have credits creating game-ready vehicles, props, and environments.

Game Credits

The Walking Dead
Kung Fu Panda
Alien Armageddon
Big Buck HD